Monthly Archives: January 2016

All You Gotta do is Put Your Mind to it (In-Depth Post #1)

“I’m screwed,” was the first thought in my head when we started to think about in-depth. Why? Because of my interest in so many different areas, and my inability to make a quick decision. You can see how that could have been a problem. Graphic design? Photography? Didgeridoo (just kidding on that one—I think)? The possibilities for in-depth were endless, so how did I choose what I chose? I wasn’t sure whether to go with something artsy, musical, sporty, or maybe in the route of cooking, and after a while of debate, and revisiting old passions, I decided what I wanted to do.

For our five-month in-depth project, I am excited to be working on child psychology; working with children and getting a better understanding of how and why they think and act how they do. At first, I wasn’t sure what I could do with this project. Maybe, I thought, I should choose something that has a more solid end product! However, although it sounds a little boring at first glance, it’s something that I’ve been interested in for so long, and I could do so much with this topic. Aside from nurturing my own interest, I thought that this project would help me become a better piano teacher.

I’ve done a few projects based around psychology, but nothing more than that, and in terms of working with children, I’ve done the occasional babysitting job, lunch-monitored for kindergartens, and teach piano, but definitely, I know I could improve. I hope to gain better skills in communication and learn how to adapt to different kids’ learning styles. For an end product, I hope to design a psychology-based social experiment that people will be able to partake in on in-depth night.

Unfortunately, although I have been put in touch with a few psychology centers, I have not been able to find a mentor yet. However, I’ll make sure to find one before the beginning of February, in hopes that I can meet with my mentor for 4-5 hours a month. Although I do not know what they have in store for me, I am planning to work with them to learn about different psychological topics, gain hands-on experience working with different kids of different learning styles/capabilities, and truly learn how to relate to kids no matter what emotional or mental level they are on.

I’m very excited to start working with this topic, because I don’t think there is anywhere else that I would be able to pursue psychology in such depth! Eagerly in search of a mentor, I’m ready to start in-depth, ready to see where it takes me.