In-Depth: #2

                The 2nd semester is gearing up, and in-depth is already starting to feel like it’s in full swing! Katrina, Franny, and I are ramping up our practice times and are beginning to schedule regular times to practice biweekly (weekly if we can manage it).

                These past two weeks, we have finalized our song choice. We have decided to stick with, “Adore U”, the light-hearted, energetic dance song by the boy group “Seventeen”, using their mirrored dance tutorial (where the video is flipped, so we can copy the moves exactly), a dance tutorial by YouTuber @Charissahoo, and with the help of Sunny Ko, our mentor whom we met with this weekend.

                As of now, Katrina and I have met with our mentor once, and are scheduled to meet with her again sometime this week. She has very generously agreed to give us tips about blocking, dance techniques, and how to fill the spaces in the dance with different moves (since we are only a group of 3), as well as provide us with a venue to practice in. We were able to learn the first minute of the dance, using different tutorials and the help of Sunny, relying on each other to learn the dances. Where one of us had troubles with the dance, the other would learn it in order to help out.

                Right now, I have no problems with my mentor or my group members, other than the fact that schedule is quite an issue right now. However, since this project can also be completed individually, I don’t have too many worries, since I know that I have to rely on my other group members to learn their own parts. Although this is a group project, we need to be to be independent and find our own opportunities to learn on our own (not everything has to be in a group, just occasional meetings). I agree with my mentor in that I like her approach to helping us. She does teach us and help us in the way of learning and teaching us the moves, but also helping us make up parts of the dance where we have an insufficient number of people.

           All in all, we’ve had a bit of a slow start. But the next few weeks are looking to be very productive, with lots of learning and posting going on.

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