Daily Archives: 09/02/2017

An Exploration of Resurgence: The Destruction of a People and its Rise to the Surface

In the short time period we’ve been in this class, we have already begun to learn about the indecencies and errors of our past as humans, especially in Canada. We know what cultural genocide is, and we know its branches. We are beginning to understand the reasoning behind the courses of action, and its effects on different cultures. Over the course of this past week, we’ve done a reading about residential schools, the sixties scoop, and cultural genocide in Canada, and how it affected the masses of Aboriginals, changing the course of their existence. We have learned about reconciliation, what it is, and how people are striving to achieve the positive change and rehabilitation between two nations that reconciliation hopes to bring. We have learned about the past, and about the present, but we haven’t learned what happens between those stages, which begs the questions: Why is cultural eradication so negatively effective? How do some cultures bounce back from such extreme actions? By all means, Canada has a peaceful connotation, one of freedom, one of religious and cultural freedom.

This course has led us to explore the darker sides of human history, devoid of happy unions, or new exploration of a completely new land. For this topic in particular, there are several important things to touch on, several of which I hope to explore in this post. Some of these include themes of revenge, quiet submission, and rebuttal. For the purposes of this post, here are some of the goals I had while writing:

  • Notice trends, patterns, and outliers in cultural genocide in other regions, not just Canada
  • Observe why some cultures can bounce back and why others can’t
  • Explore different forms of cultural eradication and the different effects they have