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The Moses of Her People: 1863

Why does the term “Free Blacks” exist?

I mean, are we so invisible that we’re either “free” or slaves?

I’ve been working for the Union. Freeing slaves. Saving lives. One can hardly call me invisible. I am living right now to serve God, but that is of my own choice. Although under the servitude of God, I am not a slave. The premonitions and visions I received must be for a reason.

After all, one does not choose to partake in a gunshot raid without reason, just as one does not choose to make 19 trips on the underground railroad within 10 years. It was not easy to hold a gun to peoples’ heads when they refused to move forward, as I could feel that they were scared. Terrified, even. “Move or die!” I would shout. And although maybe I might have been harsh, these times call for harsh. Besides, out of all of the 300 slaves I saved, including my sister and nieces, I never lost a single one. The easy way might have been for them to give up, but I moved them, and with them, I moved myself.

I am so grateful for British North America [Canada]’s opposition toward slavery. The underground railroad would have no purpose should it not have a destination. As a Union spy, I am able to see and hear the things that go on. I can hear it in the booms in the distance. I can see it in the eyes of the dying in the hospital, sick of dysentery, some of whom I couldn’t cure in time. This is still my goal. Fight for the Union, raid plantations, and lead as many people as I can to freedom.

No matter.

I am a servant of God. And I am doing good.

In-Depth: Post #4

For the past two weeks, there has, admittedly, not been a lot of progress. It has been quite busy for my team and I, with work and other things to focus on. As we have lost our practice space, there are few things that we need to be able to solve, the most important being a place to rehearse. As such, I have not been able to film progress videos, also due to the fact that I have not chosen a solo piece yet (see below), We have been finding ways to communicate our goals, progress, and  with each other and our mentor regardless of the loss of space. However, as the projected date for posting our first video approaches, we have made finding a new space our first priority. Since a location with a mirror will be of most effective use for us, I will try asking for permission to use the theatre backstage once a week in order for us to practice.

In consideration of principle #4, “What new information are you getting and what questions did you ask to probe further into the topic?”, I have been directing my focus these past two weeks into individual research on the topic of hip hop dance, common elements, and a dance to use for my solo part. Rather than use Korean music for my solo on In-Depth, I have decided to instead use choreography by the dance studio “1Million”, a Korean dance studio which focuses on hip hop dance not only with KPOP music, but with Western songs and remixes as well. Although physically and conceptually challenging, I believe that I will eventually be able to learn dances such as this and this. In the process of choosing a solo song, I had been excited about choosing dances that looked really cool without taking into consideration the possibilities that a) I might not be actually be able to physically execute the dance and b) by choosing KPOP music, although it is the focal point of my project, would I be broadcasting my project to as wide an audience as possible? I realize that this project is about striving to create something interesting for myself, I also want to be able to share this with other people, which competes with the original idea of the project. Point A: I want to be able to create something new for myself that helps shape my identity as both a student on the West coast and a Korean teenager. Point B: I want to adhere to the goals of the entertainment industry and cater towards my audience one step at a time (as many people are not used to the Korean hip hop style of dance, I figured that by combining Western music with said dance style, it would be an enjoyable experience for all audiences to enjoy), so by using familiar music, people will be able to further enjoy the performance.

Aside from contingencies in venue and preparation, our group still stands to keep to our timeline. Aside from some details that were missed because of rehearsal configuration, the dance is near complete and will be ready for filming within the next two to three weeks if we can get a rehearsal in this week. Hopefully by next Friday, I will be able to add an additional post, with a progress video from a possible Friday rehearsal and an update on filming.