In-Depth: #5


Our first video is up!

(you can also watch the video here)


-I was impressed at how we were able to make up for the empty space left in the choreography, especially since we have 3 members instead of the 13 the choreography calls for.

Wishes (for next recording of this dance):

Location: The ground of the film site was not suitable for the sliding moves in the beginning of the dance. The gritty pavement resulted in limited mobility and scraped knees. Ouch. The background and lighting was fine, but next time, I would like to use a smoother floor, such as a gym, or even smoother cement.

Synchronicity: Because I finished teaching Katrina and Franny elements of the dance right up until the moment we recorded, we did not work on dancing alike. Often times, we were not matched up, either ahead of or behind each other.

Mastery: Again, it was difficult to schedule practice sessions, so it is easy to tell that there are some gaps to fill in terms of proper execution of dance moves.

Goals for next dance choreography (In-Depth Night):

Unfortunately, we still do not have a proper venue to practice in, so securing a practice space is my first priority. Although we still need to make our second recording of ‘Adore U’, we will be discussing possible group pieces sometime soon. For now, I will be focusing on learning the choreography for my solo piece, ‘Work‘ (choreographed by Sori Na from 1MILLION dance studio).

Additionally, learning the moves quickly, properly, and similarly (as in we dance with similar movements and are all in sync) is a huge goal. This can only come with proper practice. Although I can practice and learn the dance on my own, it is difficult making sure everyone is on the same page. We originally aimed to have 3 group dances, but gauging from how long it takes us to properly learn a dance with timing and proper moves, we limited it to 2 dances, and will film 2 versions of each to show progress between recordings.

For our next dance, a huge goal is being able to meet up at least once a week. With the upcoming adventure trips and such, we may have to meet during the week instead of weekends in order to accommodate everyone’s schedules. In terms of individual practice for my solo piece, I have no doubts that I will be able to learn and present a first ‘draft’ version of it maximum 2 weeks from now. Using videos alone, I know that I will be able to pick up the dance, and hopefully meet with my mentor to fine tune it.


De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

In consideration of De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, here is a conversation I had with Sunny (my mentor), a while back in February, after a practice session where had she helped us develop some of the trickier parts of the dance (where we had to compensate for the lack of members in our group, 3 instead of the expected 13). [Unnecessary pauses and filler words have been removed; M = Mimi; S = Sunny]

M: Hi Sunny, thanks for meeting up with today and letting us use the clubhouse, haha.

S: No problem, I really enjoyed it!

M: I was just wondering, I’m not really sure which piece I should choose for my solo on In-Depth. I’ve narrowed it down, but I feel like there are too many things to choose from, and there’s still a lot of time. [Green]

S: So… what are your choices?

M: I can send you the links, but I know for sure I want to use choreography from 1Million. I’m not totally sure if I can execute the dances, but they have choreography that I know for sure I can handle. Like, I know that I can’t do the crazy whacking and popping and locking, but I have the physical capability to do some moves.  I don’t know… I just really like the choreography. [White, Red]

S: That’s ok, I like it too, haha. I know you mentioned that you learned something before from there, so that’s good to think about while moving ahead. Just keep in mind that you want to choose something you can learn in a short period of time because you can’t be unrealistic about the dances.  [Yellow, Black]

M: I was thinking of doing ‘All I Wanna Do’, or ‘Half Moon’. Haha, I just mostly like the songs, but the dances are challenging– but not too challenging, if that makes sense.  [Red]

S: Well, I’ve seen snippets of the videos already, and I think that ‘Half Moon’ might be kind of difficult, but you’ll probably be able to do it. ‘All I Wanna Do’ would be more fun but you don’t have a partner. I think you should keep looking, because you still have some time.  [White, Red, Blue]

M: Ok, well I want to thank you again SO MUCH for helping us today! I’m sorry I keep saying this but thanks for being patient and helping us with the… iffy parts of the dance.

S: No don’t worry about it, actually I have fun doing it! Message me anytime you want and I’ll see if I can make it to your practices.

M: Thank you!!!

S: Bye!

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